Episode 01
▪️ Introducing the characters, successful floor-model Martina and a lazy left out shoe Jake.
Episode 02
▪️ Jake’s normal life (being lazy couch potato) changes when he sees Martina through the shoe dating app SoleFinder.
Episode 03
▪️ Pushed by her friends, Martina also finds Jake cute.
Episode 04
▪️ Being paired with Jake is one thing but going out with him for drinks,,, questionable .
Episode 05
▪️As Martina agrees for the date, Jake has a very short window to preapre.
Episode 06
▪️The much awaited Date night is here.
Episode 07
▪️The dreamy date continues.
Episode 08
▪️The Finale is here.
▪️Did SoleFinder help Martina and Jake to find a sole-mate?
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